Providing scholarships for ASU student-athletes for over 38 years.
For over 38 years the Yosef Club has provided scholarship support for Appalachian’s student-athletes. There is no debate that the past six years have been among the most memorable in the history of Appalachian Athletics! All of our student-athletes deserve a chance for success. The national spotlight has brought Appalachian State to the top of many student-athletes college wish lists.

On average, 35% of Appalachian’s 450+ student-athletes make the academic honor roll with a 3.25 GPA, or higher. This past year, the Yosef Club raised over 2.4 million dollars in efforts to fulfill the 3 million dollar scholarship need for our student-athletes. It is because of loyal Yosef members, like yourself, that make the dreams of these students a reality in playing college sports while receiving their hard earned degrees.

We are commissioning each member of the Appalachian Family to continue to make A Championship Investment into the life of a student-athlete. We challenge each of you to join the Yosef Club and then recruit a friend, co-worker or any Appalachian supporter to do so as well. Any amount or gift makes a difference. Without your help we will fall short of our mission in fully funding student-athlete scholarships and providing quality athletic facilities.

Thank you for being an Appalachian friend, fan and donor! We are looking forward to sharing another great year of Appalachian Athletics. Thank you again for your support of Athletic Scholarships and Facilities.

Keep Yosef Involved
The Yosef Club requests that all members send their e-mail addresses to Natalie Harkey ([email protected]) to be included on e-mail list that will notify members of upcoming events and the latest news from the Yosef Club and Appalachian athletics.

All gifts made to Appalachian Athletics and the Yosef Club will support student-athlete scholarships, athletic facility enhancements and other programmatic needs.