Providing scholarships for Appalachian State
student-athletes for over 40 years.

For over 40 years, the Yosef Club has been aiding Appalachian’s student-athletes through scholarship, athletic facility enhancement and programmatic needs support. Over 450 student-athletes make the AppNation proud everyday through their high academic and athletic performance, as well as their service throughout the High Country community.

In addition to the athletic championships and national titles they have brought to Appalachian, these students are also making the grade in the classroom. Nearly 40 percent of our student-athletes earn placement on the academic honor roll with a minimum grade-point average of 3.25.

This past year, the Yosef Club raised over $2.7 million in efforts to fulfill the $4.1 million in scholarship needs for student-athletes.

Help us reach our goal of fully funding our program by joining the Yosef Club today!

Invest in our champions and make a difference in their lives now. Our student-athletes will make you proud!

Keep Yosef Involved
The Yosef Club requests that all members send their e-mail addresses to Natalie Harkey ([email protected]) to be included on e-mail list that will notify members of upcoming events and the latest news from the Yosef Club and Appalachian athletics.

All gifts made to Appalachian Athletics and the Yosef Club will support student-athlete scholarships, athletic facility enhancements and other programmatic needs.