A donor’s point rank is determined based on total giving to Appalachian Athletics. This includes giving to the Yosef Club, athletic scholarships and the Athletic Enhancement Campaign. A donor’s point total determines their priority rank for parking location within annual giving levels, away and post-season tickets, and premium seating options. Your Yosef Club benefits, which include parking, number of away and post-season tickets, and number of premium seats purchased is based on the membership level you choose.

A donor’s priority points are calculated using the following four factors:

1. Heritage – All members will be rewarded for the number of years they have supported Appalachian athletics as a Yosef Club member. For example, memberships that have exceeded 10 years will be awarded more points than those that have joined within the last 10 years.

2. Cumulative Giving – All members will be granted points for every dollar donated over their lifetimes. This includes all Capital Campaign, Yosef, Special Contributions and Marketing Payment contributions in support of Appalachian State Athletics. Yosef Club members will also be awarded priority points for every year they have donated more than $100.

3. Current Giving – Contributions to the Yosef Club for the 2012 year will receive priority points. Pledges or payments must be received by June 30, 2012 for purchasing away game tickets and post season championship tickets. Also, donations must have been received by June 30, 2012 to be considered for premium /club seating. In addition, an extra point is earned for every $10,000 of current giving.

4. Marketing Contributions – Priority points are given for current year and cumulative marketing support of Appalachian State athletics.

The chart below explains specific point calculations and distribution based on the above criteria.

Each donor can access their athletic giving record by clicking HERE. This will allow each current donor to find and check points rank and giving record at any time during the year. Annually, you will receive a personal priority point rank and total giving invoice. For more information about the Athletic Development Points System, call the Yosef Club offices at (828)-262-3108.