The mission of Appalachian State speed, strength & conditioning program is to assist the athletes in reaching the full athletic potential. This mission is attained by reducing the athlete’s potential for injury during competition, and increasing an athlete’s overall athleticism and power.

The Appalachian speed, strength, and conditioning program is designed to implement programs that fit the characteristics of the coaches of our different sport programs. Coaches have different philosophies on their style of play for their squads. As a strength coach, you have to be on the cutting edge of program design to provide the style of programs that will insure that a team is prepared for the demands that will be placed upon them by their coach. Our staff remains in a constant research mode to provide the best programs for individuals needs. Our staff incorporates a variety of training methods to ensure that an athlete reaches their full potential. The variety of methods includes resistance training, speed development, sport specific conditioning, dynamic flexibility, along with full scientific analysis of the athlete to help better understand how to train the athlete. The scientific analysis can be anything from VO2 testing to basal metabolic rate analysis. These tests are done at the discretion of the strength coach by our Exercise Science department. Programs are designed in the following manner. First the coach determines what the needs are for the team and athlete. Then a program is designed using the different modalities of training that our staff has at it’s disposal. At this time, the strength coach begins implementation of the program which consist of making on the go adjustments, and modifications for individuals that need them. At the completion of the off season program, the strength coach conducts a self analysis of their program to determine what aspects worked well, and what aspects need improvements. This is an integral part of the process that makes Appalachian Strength Training effective. Appalachian Speed, Strength, & Conditioning is always evolving to better the program for our athletes and teams. This concept is the foundation of our program.

The Appalachian program is unique compared to other programs across the nation. With a 16,000 square foot facility in the planning phase, the Mountaineers will be able to boast having a premier facility in this region of the country that can compare to any level of competition. The facility combined with the unique relationship that we possess with Appalachian’s exercise science department on campus give our athletes the extra edge to compete at the highest level. Our strength training staff is comprised of four full-time staff members. A strength coach is assigned to each team so that the team is guaranteed safety and use of proper technique.

Director: Kareem Young

Assistant Director: Robbie Ormsby

Assistant Director: Karen Bedeau

Assistant Director: Dave Shableski