My App Fan Welcome & General Guide

My App Fan is live!  If you have a current My App Fan account, you will now be able to update your contact information, buy tickets online, check Yosef Club giving levels and priority points, and subscribe to GoASU TV (or manage a current subscription).

We are continuing to make improvements to My App Fan to better serve you.  Please call the Yosef Club offices at 828.262.3108 if you have questions about your account.

To login to your account or create a new account, please click here.

What is My App Fan?

My App Fan is a way to make your Appalachian Athletics experience at seamless and easy to manage in one central location.

By consolidating any online account(s) you previously held through, including Yosef Club (donations, etc.), ticketing, auctions, and GoASU TV, your “App Fan” login provides a universal portal to manage virtually everything you do with ASU Athletics online in one convenient area of our web site.

My App Fan is one of the most significant features of Appalachian’s digital media relationship with NeuLion and a key addition to the latest website redesign.

How do I know if I have a My App Fan Account?

If you have been a Yosef member/Season ticket or single game ticket holder/GoASU TV subscriber during the years of 2008/2009/2010 you have a “My App Fan” account. 

If you have not logged into your account recently, you can obtain your account information by calling the Yosef Club offices at 828.262.3108.  It is important that each “My App Fan” account holder does not duplicate an account.  This will cause problems with season tickets, Yosef benefits and subscriptions to GoASU TV.  If in doubt, please call the Yosef Club to help manage your account.

What information will I be able to control with My App Fan?

As you browse through your account, you will currently notice 6 tabs you can navigate (“Account” “Tickets” “Yosef Club” “Merchandise” “GoASU TV” “Auctions” “Event Registration” Under the “Account” tab you will find seven (7) dropdown menu items:

  1. My Profile” – Here you will be able to view a snapshot of your current and historical activity with the Yosef Club and Ticket Office – and you will notice that ticket history has not been downloaded in its entirety.  You will be able to see full ticketing history since 2009.
  2. My Account Info” – Utilize this to edit your login information, your payment information and your shipping address.
  3. My Photo” – We encourage you to upload a photo of yourself so that we can recognize you when we see you in person.
  4. My Notifcations” – Your notification preferences will determine what type of e-mail information you receive from us. 
  5. My Credit Cards” – Obviously, this will be the area where you can add and manage your credit cards if you so choose to for payment purposes (Yosef Club, Ticketing, Subscriptions, Event Registration, etc).
  6. My Addresses” – Here you can manage your preferred billing and shipping addresses.
  7. My Messages” – This is where you will receive any important messages from Appalachian Athletics that are related to your My APP FAN account or other individual business. When a new message, you will see a notification of that in the header area of your account.

Within the “Tickets” tab you will find five (5) dropdown menu items:

  1. Buy Tickets” – Select to buy tickets to any Appalachian athletic events being offered through online ticketing.
  2. My Pending Orders” – Shows a list of your recent ticket orders that payments have not yet been processed for.
  3. My Purchase History” – Simply a summary of your ticket purchase history
  4. My Season Seating Requests” – More information coming soon
  5. Ticket Advance” – More information coming soon

When you roll over the “Yosef Club” tab, you will see three (3) dropdown menu items in “Donate Now” and “Donor Summary” “Donor History“, all three fairly self-explanatory. 

You may review your historical giving to the Yosef Club at this site.  You will also notice that your current points and rank in the Yosef Club are displayed at the top of the screen along side your address information and photo (if uploaded).  You can view a “Point Breakdown” to see how your total oints are calculated and you may also check out the “Priority Point
” to see how an increase in your pledge will affect your rank in
the Yosef Club.

The “Merchandise” Tab allows you to browse your recent orders or e-gift certificates.
By clicking on the “GoASU TV” tab, you can either subscribe to Appalachian’s premium audio and video streaming packages, or manage your existing subscription.  To learn more about GoASU TV, click here.

The “Auctions” tab has a watchlist and bid history dropdown menu to help you maintain your bids on auctions occurring on

Finally, under the “Event Registration” tab, there is drop down menu of My Pending Orders and My Event History.  This will display prior events you have registered for in the system as well as pending orders.